Theodore Fallon MD LLC
Child, Adolescent and Adult

In this context, recovering our mental health is finding effective solutions to meet our developmental challenges and getting back on track so we can resume our growth toward our potential.

Many times we falter in our growth. These difficulties can come from within as well as from the outside. These are the times we can become unsteady, developing emotional and behavioral symptoms in an effort to compensate.

I am pleased to be able to offer consultation to parents, children of any age, adolescents as well as young and mature adults - within a family or as an individual.

We begin our lives as helpless infants and grow toward autonomous adulthood. In our growth we face many challenges and in meeting these, we develop our emotional capacities and our personalities.

The office is at 1050 King of Prussia Rd, conveniently located a mile North of the Radnor Train Station, easily accessible to Lancaster Ave, Routes 76, 476, 202 and the PA Turnpike.

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